Weekly Anticipation: Trenchcoat & Dirk

(Cover by Emma Rios, Marvel Comics)

Cloak & Dagger 3 is finally, finally getting the cover treatment it deserves! Unfortunately, it wraps around the unfortunate glory that is this series’ final issue. You guys, Emma Rios and Nick Spencer are 100% making my favorite comic here and I simply can’t stop recommending this little, limited series to anyone who likes sequential art. Digital or in person, you need to read this.

(Cover by Chris Bachalo, Marvel Comics)

Wolverine & The X-Men 1 is the first post-Schism X-book to hit stands and is the one I have the highest hopes for. I love the X-Men in their Xavier school days and spinning that idea on its head a bit with a mixed up team and Wolverine leading the new Jean Grey Institute staff is right up my alley! A great creative team as this can only help matters further and anything that cohesively resets the Marvel mutant line is alright by me! Definitely one to check out.

(Cover by Kaare Andrews, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 3 means that drunken Tony Stark is on the way, to save the day! The Children of Tomorrow are being ~total jerks~ and the gods are falling from the skies in one frightening set of panels from last month’s comic. This one started out a little slow but came back with a killer second issue, looks like Jonathan Hickman hasn’t lost his magic yet! If you like the Ultimate Universe in any way, shape or form, you will like where this is headed now. Big changes in store for the Marvel UU!

(The rest of my titles for the week are All-Star Western 2, Angel & Faith 3, Aquaman 2, Avengers Academy 20, Avengers: Solo 1, Captain America & Bucky 623, The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men 2, New Guardians 2, Justice League Dark 2, Superman 2, Teen Titans 2 and The Walking Dead 90)



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