Weekly Anticipation: Red, Red In My Head

(Cover by Travel Foreman, DC Comics)

Animal Man 3 is going to  rock every single casbah in the universe! Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire are doing spooky, creepy, wonderful things and this is one book you will want to say you were reading from the beginning. Our intrepid duo are making their way into the Red and something wicked is preparing to lay some serious pain on the Bakers. Such a great comic here!

(Cover by Yanick Paquette, DC Comics)

Swamp Thing 3; replace Yanick Paquette and Scott Snyder, respectively, in my Animal Man entry and you have my opinion of Swamp Thing! This is terrifying, beautiful comics at their best. Sethe is revealed as the face of the third life force (Red & Green being the other two) and he’s got a mad on that only Swamp Thing (and Buddy Baker in AM) can defend against! A must-read.

(Cover by Dale Keown, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 1 continues my “Try All the Regenesis Things!” campaign and I’m always excited to be reading a Kieron Gillen comic. Mister Sinister is doing his thing against Scott’s newly re-shuffled deck and I can’t wait to see the outcome! I love that Emma Frost and Magik feature so prominently on the Keown cover, I hope that means a focus on those two in the issues to come. Hooray for the X-Men!

(Action Comics 3American Vampire 20Avengers Academy 21Detective Comics 3Fear Itself 7.1Green Arrow 3JLI 3New Mutants 33O.M.A.C. 3Stormwatch 3Sweet Tooth 27 and X-Men 20 are my other titles this week)


7 thoughts on “Weekly Anticipation: Red, Red In My Head

  1. Pretty similarly to your take on it though I might have liked a bit more (since I don’t have an opinion about Cyclops positively or negatively, really). Those two panels with Storm still give me chills! if Kieron Gillen keeps this up, I think I’ll love this more emotionally driven Uncanny X-Men.

  2. You read my review? Why, thank you. So, as I guess you know now, I definitely didn’t hate it, but really the only thing that brought me back after the volume change was Kieron Gillen. I’m apathetic at best toward pretty much all of the Cyclops-aligned characters (Dazzler being one of the few characters I actively like [I’m not sure why, if you were wondering]), but I do agree that the character moments (not just with Storm, though that was a good example) did make me feel something for this side of the schism. Gillen is a great writer, so I’m willing to give him a few months before I pass final judgment on continuing to pick it up or not. I was just curious to see what your thoughts were, given that we seem to have had similar thoughts on some other recent titles.

  3. I definitely did! I’m a sure reader of yours now but I mostly catch the posts through Google Reader (I’m bad at making insightful comments).

    Yeah, he’s got a knack for bringing out the drama of the campy superheroics that I love in my comics. Have you read S.W.O.R.D.? It’s much more humorous than this but still manages some pretty dark twists. Highs and lows, I think that’s what makes me happiest in entertainment.

  4. I was one of the (apparently) few people who was ordering S.W.O.R.D. through Previews every month. A series like that only lasting 5 issues is a tragedy. I’ll bet that even Hawk and Dove makes it longer than 5 issues.

  5. Awesome! Yeah, when I saw that scene in the Regenesis one-shot with Agent Brand and Hank I flipped out a little.

    Oh man, I still feel totally guilty for even giving the first Hawk & Dove a shot. I still maintain the original mini-series and subsequent series are excellent. This series is just a hollow shell of the concept of Hawk & Dove. Hopefully one day those two get another treatment that they actually deserve.

  6. I heart Agent Brand. Her showing up in Uncanny was probably more of a plus for me than it should have been.

    I’ve never been attached to Hawk and/or Dove, so my disappointment wasn’t quite as profound. I like Sterling Gates, but once I saw Rob Liefeld’s name attached, I assumed the worst. I didn’t even buy it, I just read a friend’s copy. I can relate, though, to the whole “good characters getting bad series” thing.

    I also meant to mention earlier that non-insightful comments are welcome at Captain Bloggington’s, too. If I used emoticons (I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t know why.), I’d have a smiley face at the end of that sentence.

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