Weekly Anticipation: Guuuuuuuuurl!

(Cover by Mahmud Asar, DC Comics)

Supergirl 3; mmmmmmmmm, okay! You guys, if this comic were a song and we were all in a totally bangin’ club right now, I would be running onto the dance floor with my hands in the air, exactly as if I did not care! Kara will not take any guff and she’s finally on the hunt for the ship that brought her to earth (and hopefully more answers). If you like things that are interesting, you will like this comic.

(Cover by Cliff Chiang, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 3 is sure to give us more of the delectable Greek drama with all of the action and subtle homoeroticism I’ve enjoyed in the first two issues! While I don’t personally like the twist that we’re going to learn about Diana’s birth, I trust Brian Azzarello to deliver it in a way that serves the story and brings about a more complex cast of characters. The Diana I loved does not prefer the staff, you guys, if you know what I mean.

(Cover by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn, Image Comics)

The Walking Dead 91 gives us an Andrea/Dale cover and my heart is broken into a million little pieces right now! Some serious drama bombs are dropping all over the sometimes-safe encampment our intrepid group has been living in for a while now. After the recent loss of so many and the hope of a brighter tomorrow…of course mutiny and failure are stirring underneath it all. Is a zombie utopia too much to ask? Great series that has never let me down, so very worth the cost eternally!

(My other titles this week are Batman 3Birds of Prey 3DCU Presents 3Generation Hope 13Green Lantern Corps 3iZombie 19Justice League 3New Mutants 34Ultimate Comics X-Men 3X-Factor 227 and Xenoholics 2)



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