windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Anal Probe!

(Cover by Dan Duncan, Image Comics)

All of the comics this week totally pressed my happiness buttons but the one with the ending that shocked me the most (and had the requisite number of burly, hairy naked guys to earn my approval) was Xenoholics 2! The series so far has been a fantastic, strange little tale of a group of possibly-misguided alien abductees, finding each other and sharing their stories. Bob is our protagonist who has recently lost everything when he won’t relent his story of being taken by extraterrestrials. Their world is turned upside down when what appears to be an actual crop (err concrete) circle appears in the city and their group therapist vanishes. To conflate things even more, a mysterious and violent organization shows up and starts demanding answers from the Xenoholics. It’s been a blast to read with such an interesting art style by Seth Damoose; a title to check out if you’ve ever enjoyed the X-Files!


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