Weekly Anticipation: Winter Bucky

(Cover by Ed McGuinness, Marvel Comics)

Captain America and Bucky 624 is the finale of this re-telling of Bucky Barnes’ story since World War II by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko and it was been a masterful character study into one of the most interesting heroes to emerge from modern superhero stories. I’m not quite certain how this and the other Captain America book fit into current continuity but this has been such a great look back and enriches the new Bucky/Winter Soldier history greatly.

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham and BATT, DC Comics)

New Guardians 3 seems like it’s really going to get the series off on its new direction, forcing the members of all the corps to join together against an emotionless Ganthet and the rest of the Guardians of Oa! We get more insight into how Larfleeze isn’t, uh, totally dead floating in space right now without his ring as well. This has been a fun crash course in Kyle Rayner-ness so far but has yet to really shine on its “nU” concept. Hopefully this issue amps up the possible amazingness.

(Cover by George Perez, DC Comics)

Superman 3 will be the best book of the week if it can keep up the pace from issue 2 (though issue 1 was a bit of a let down for me). Mysteries abound that put our man of steel in a peril he can barely touch or see, let alone fight! I like the new angles being played with concerning Lois and Jimmy and the underwear-less costume for Big Blue is growing on me. All in all, I think I’m becoming a Superfan!

(The rest of my titles in this light week are Aquaman 3Justice League Dark 3Shade 2Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 4 and Wolverine & The X-Men 2)



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