windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Made in the Shade

(Cover by Tony Harris, DC Comics)

My pick of the week was Shade 2 by a landslide! I have to admit that James Robinson isn’t my favorite writer in the world. I loved that he wrote a Green Lantern/Green Arrow series (Cry for Justice) but I didn’t like the execution. I loved that he created a Justice League that had interesting and diverse characters but again, I was lost on the final product. His love of comics history and continuity always shines through in his work and that’s a trait I look for in writers.

So, to a person who has not yet read Starman but did pick up this mini-series, I assure you he is making something wonderful with The Shade! It’s pure character-driven violence and explosion the whole time and I laughed out loud at least twice this issue. There are interesting uses of Shade’s powers, some touching moments with his girlfriend and even a non-tired use of the English/French animosity clichĂ©! All in all, this is written by a guy on a mission and he’s even swung it to be friendly to new readers! This is not to be missed!


2 thoughts on “windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Made in the Shade

  1. So I’m a little behind due to holidays and work stuff, but I feel compelled to say, Cry for Justice was awful. Awful, awful, awful. Do with that what you will (I’m not actually reading The Shade, so I have nothing of real value to add.).

  2. No arguments here! I really only like Cry for Justice for the Ollie/Hal shipping moments and even then they’re completely out of character. I’d even go so far as to say it borders on disrespectful, really. Shade has been so much fun! I get why it’s not on everyone’s list though.

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