Weekly Anticipation: X-Club 7

Animal Man 4/Swamp Thing 4; I am totally cheating this week in a BIG way by choosing 5 top picks as opposed to 3 but DC is totally killing me with my options! Animal Man and Swamp Thing, while very different in feel, are completely at the top of their game AND even managing to be in the midst of a mini-crossover between the two books. Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder, Travel Foreman & Yanick Paquette are doing Grant Morrison and Alan Moore proud because they are truly making magic with both titles.

Huntress 3/Penguin: Pain & Prejudice 3; Again with the cheating but I am finding so very much to love about both Huntress and Penguin. Marcus To is bringing a Helena Bertinelli that not only moves and looks like a real woman but kicks ass and has a sense of fashion! All thumbs up on that book even if there were slower moments last issue. Penguin is, as I’ve said, a graphic novel that almost doesn’t need the graphic part (though Szymon Kudranski is bringing a stylized take that breathes new life into Penguin’s story). Every panel is a dark and twisted joy but a joy nonetheless. Both are things everyone should read!

X-Club 1 is a title that should press all my happiness buttons (sarcastic super-scientists! space elevators! mutant mayhem!) but I just don’t know a thing about Simon Spurrier or Paul Davidson. The X-Club is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of X-Men cosmology and Dr. Nemesis never fails to make me laugh. Science hoooooooooooooooo!

(The rest of my titles this week are Action Comics 4, Detective Comics 4, Green Arrow 4, iZombie 20, Stormwatch 4 and Sweet Tooth 28)



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