windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Rot R U Doing?

(Cover by Travel Foreman, DC Comics)

 Have y’all seen that meme “Perfect ______s don’t exi…” and then they show you an image of something that is perfect? WELL BOOM BECAUSE CHECK OUT THIS COMIC! Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman are meme-ing me hard right now and it feels so good. They’re hitting all the high points from the Veitch run but in a totally new, refreshing way. The art is bilious and bulbous and so alive with its jagged lines. The characters are endearing (hard to do in a 20 page comic) and the horror is visceral. The crossover with Swamp Thing (also on top form!) feels natural and raises my curiosity and enjoyment of both titles. Basically, read or die, please.


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