windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Quicker than a Ray of light I’m flyyyyying

(Cover by Jamal Igle, DC Comics)

Seriously, what is up with DC’s new miniseries? It’s like they’re the new Vertigo imprint or something, they can practically do no wrong! We have Penguin, Huntress, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and now The Ray! Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti are two of the most creative writers in comics today and they’re proving why that’s true with this title. Only four issues long, I can already feel myself aching for more of Jamal Igle’s and Rich Perrotta’s beautiful cityscapes and superpowers. The characters are full to the brim with wit, warmth and love and it shows in every action or sentence. I have to add that this is EXACTLY how you insert diversity into your publishing universe, comics publishers! I love the cast with only 20 pages to get to know them and that is true storytelling. Absolutely one to read!


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