Avengers Academy; A Light Speed Shocker!

Well, it’s not so much shocking really. Who didn’t call it? I got a vibe from Striker in his first appearance of Avengers Academy, and hello he’s a ficitonal character, but he does look like he’s been shopping in Northstars closet. Am I right ladies?

Image; Marvel Avengers Academy

But alas, it is nice to see more LGBT diversity in the Marvel universe. And speaking of, hello lady Lightspeed [Julie Power] putting the B back in LGBT. Let us not forget those who love who they love and defy those who tell them to “choose a side” within our gay umbrella of a community. I certainly hope this new outing will make his character less obnoxious and bring a new leading gay female character into the forfront of comics again (How I miss Runaways).  Striker reminds me of if Niel Patrick Harris and Tony Stark had a baby. HUZZAH!


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