Weekly Anticipation: Light, Shadow and Three-Piece Suits

(Cover by Jamal Igle, DC Comics)

The Ray 2 continues the new mini-series written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti which started off so refreshingly upbeat, humorous and light-hearted that I simply can’t wait to see what they pull off in issue two! Lucien Gates is the Ray of the DCnUniverse and he’s quite a unique voice in modern comics already. Mixed in to some classic super-heroism, Lucien’s world is full of real and diverse people and the drama reflects that fully. Every piece of dialogue either brought a smile to my face or taught me who the character was in issue 1. If you like superheros, you will like this comic.

(Cover by Tony Harris, DC Comics)

The Shade 4 is James Robinson’s first “Times Past” comics of this limited series and is illustrated by the should-be-amazing team of Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone! It’s WWII and Shade – in the midst of his rise to villainous stardom –  is helping an industrialist on the side of the Allies survive an assassination attempt in what is slated as Shade’s new origin! Should be an excellent ride as the last three issues have been, for Starman fans or not.

(Cover by Nick Bradshaw, Marvel Comics)

Wolverine and the X-Men 4 sees the addition of two new students to the Jean Grey Institute as well as the news of a pregnant mutant in the school? I just fully got on board with this title last issue after not feeling the first two as much as I thought I would. Kid Krakoa got me on all the right levels and now I can’t wait to see how Jason Aaron continues to steer this strange, new (and old) ship going forward.

(My remaining comics this week are Batwoman 5Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 9 5Demon Knights 5Green Lantern 5Mister Terrific 5Superboy 5 and Ultimate Comics X-Men 6)



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