“It’s pronounced uh-NOH-lee”

Finally! [I know how to say it] New Mutant and current Jean Grey School for Higher Learning enrolley, Anole is up on Twitter along with his fellow class mates and teachers! It’s actually a nice way to build the characters while we wait every two weeks for a new Wolverine & The X-Men to come out. Makes you wonder who is spending the time tweeting all of these?

Check out  @JeanGreySchool, @JGSHeadmistress, @DeathlokL17, @GenesisHero, @KidGladiator1, @QQuire, @idie_okonkwo, @_Broodling_, @SANTORULES and @_Anole_ on Twitter for fun updates!

And apparently it was @SANTORULES who was spreading those rumors on how NOT to say Anole’s name.


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