windiebird’s Weekly Winner: 老總夠意思

(Cover by J. G. Jones, DC Comics)

My winner of the week is Mister Terrific 5 by a wide, life-affirming margin! Mister Terrific is captured in the ninth dimension and only a combination of his heroic prowess and compassionate soul can save the day. In the character of Pylothia we are given a being that doesn’t fit in with the gender roles their society clings to and finds themself shipped off to alien slavers, viewed as the lowest of the low. Michael is able to share with Pylothia the lessons of our planet’s more terrible points in history and how we’ve grown from them. He inspires Pylothia to accept themself and ultimately to save the day and find a sense of self-worth. The comic is pure fun, action and heart the whole way through and is one of my favorite comics I can remember reading ever. With the series tragically concluding with issue 8, I strongly suggest everyone collect the individual issues and any trades that come out as well.


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