A Legacy; Variant Covers!

Variant covers of comic books don’t always appeal to everyone, not even to me ALL the time, however sometimes you come across one that you know for sure SOMEONE is going to love. The sensibility of this X-Men Legacy #261 Venom Variant calls out to the kid in us all. If the kid in all of us was a sociopath. I dunno what it is about this brilliantly scarey cover by Mirco Pierfederici, but it makes me want a cheese pizza really bad.

Image: Marvel.com Cover: Mirco Pierfederici


One thought on “A Legacy; Variant Covers!

  1. Variant covers do often represent some of the worst excesses of the comics industry, but this one is pretty awesome (as someone who loves Spider-Man and grew up in the era of Maximum Carnage and its symbiote-filled wake). Is it part of a series of variants across a bunch of titles this month (like the Iron Man by design crap they do every so often)? If so, I’ve somehow been oblivious to this potentially awesome set of covers.

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