Wolverine & the X-Men; Deep Tissue Barrage!

This just in folks! Wolverine & The X-Men #5 takes a Miss Frizzelle look at the inards of, well, you’ll find out when vice principal Hank McCoy [Beast] takes the class on a field trip they will never forget! They are literally going “IN-HUMAN”…or in mutant!  I think they are going to need more than a magic school bus to get where they are going!

Also, per Twitter at 2 PM EST on Wednesday, February 8, the Jean Grey School returns to Twitter as you’ve been accepted to attend Biology 101 under the tutelage of Vice Principal Hank McCoy! All you need to do is log on and follow the Jean Grey School members list for updates. You can also invidiually follow and interact with @JeanGreySchool, @HenryMcCoyPhD, @IceIceBobby, @GenesisHero, @KidGladiator1, @QQuire, @idie_okonkwo, @_Broodling_, @SANTORULES, @_Anole_, @GlobHerman, @JanitorToad and @JGSHeadmistress. [marvel.com]


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