Immortals, Meet The Man of Steel!

The release of Immortals on DVD is this Tuesday, and though we are usually strictly comics when it comes to the site, we absolutley loved this movie! It doesn’t hurt that the lead is Henry Cavill star of the upcoming Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’. As compared to it’s producer’s previous film, ‘300’, Immortals was not only visually beautiful, but was able to incorporate many characters with out this feeling like X-Men United, full of powers, but lacking on character build up.

With Mickey Rourke as crazy King Hyperion, this movie, though godly, is quite earthly. With Hyperion threatening to destroy all of humanity by means of obtaining the ‘ultimate weapon’, the Epirus Bow, it will take Theseus (Cavill) a young villager, and unbeknownst to him, godly trained warrior, to protect the future of mankind.

Good vs. evil, god vs. man, destiny vs. freewill. Cavill’s performance makes us even more excited about ‘Man of Steel’, but for now, we don’t mind being engulfed in an immortals world, over and over again. When are we gonna get a comic version of this?

Image, Fox Home Entertainment



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