Teddy Bear!

After reading Young Avengers; Children’s Crusade #9 [yes people I finally caught up], it really made me think about relationships and flowers and gardners! And really just gave me an excuse to have our Mutant/Other Worlder [who says “alien” anymore?] of the week be the hunky, beautiful jolly green gardner Dorek VIII a.k.a Theodore ‘Teddy’ Altman a.k.a HULKLING! As one of the few openly gay superheroes in any comic universe, it’s nice to see him portrayed as a pretty put together individual in a succesful relationship headed towards marriage. Can you tell I am a little invested in it all! Check out Teddy in Childrens Crusade #9 and check out this wonderful piece-of-art by Jacopo Camagni! 

Art by Jacopo Camagni


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