Ultimate Reviews: X-Men #9

Being the X-whore that I am usually all it takes is that defiled letter to get me at least somewhat interested in a comic. And I would like to preface this review  by saying I have all of the previous Ultimate X-Men comics [and most of the trades].

With Karen Grant as Jean and Kitty Pryde running around like a crazy person with too many layers [less is more sometimes], my patience with this comic was running pretty thin/short. Even the ever-so-hunky Colossus gracing the cover like a super buff Finn [is it me or does he have Glee Finn Face going on?] I was about to tell Aaron M. it’s time to retire our purchasing of Ultimate Comics X-Men. But then, this happened!

Art by Paco Medina

I have just been waiting for Storm to cut a bitch. And now with the revelation that the x-gene was manufactured [alegedly] Ororo cut off her platinum locks and is ready for electrical revenge Goddess style!


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