Josh Adams (and Steve and Eve)


That adorable Doctor Who piece up there is from none other than Josh Adams, multi-talented illustrator and inker well known for his work on IDW’s Doctor Who and his contributions to the Astonishing X-Men motion comics. We had the privilege to interview him briefly at Dallas Comic Con 2012 today and were completely taken with him. Not only were his prints and portfolio eye-catching but one of his current projects, Adam, Eve & Steve (name in progress) is one of the most inventive pitches I’ve heard in years.

Essentially, the biblical story remains much the same with Adam & Even being created for each other but the quintessential couple is thrown a curveball when a time-lost guy from the future (Steven) finds his way into the Garden of Eden and becomes the cause of some sexual awakening in our first man. Such a simple and intriguing line already has me hooked but there is no definitive start date at this point, sadly.

That shouldn’t stop you from checking out the homepage for the comic and bugging the heck out of the creators with your love until they get this great concept in motion! Be sure to check out Josh’s Doctor Who continuing series artwork as well (and check the handsome man himself out below).


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