Below is a true account from Mattice Lowery a.k.a Sam with the Hair who was cosplaying as 70’s Storm this past weekend at the 2012 Dallas Comic Con! When I read it on her blog SAMwiththHair I just had to share it with everyone! Enjoy!

Photo: Jeremy Biggers

When I dressed up as Storm for Dallas Comic Con, I had no idea that I would end up being an actual hero. My hero moment occurred about 2 hours in to our Comic Con adventures. Jeremy and I had stopped in the exhibit hall checking out all the vendors and we eventually ended up at the homies LoyalKNG’s booth. We all talked for a bit, swapping stories about the cool stuff we had seen thus far and I got pulled aside for more photos a few times before getting a moment to just chill and look around.

It was during this lull when I noticed a little boy, light saber in hand weaving through the hoards of people too caught up to notice him, calling out for his daddy. I scanned the crowd, I didn’t see any frantic parents chasing after him but I could hear the panic in his voice and knew he was lost. In a split second decision I left Jeremy without a word and darted through the crowd after the little boy. I caught him an aisle over and stopped him. His name was Sage, he was 5 years old and he was lost in a sea of thousands of crazed comic book fans. So I took his hand and told him I’d help him find his daddy.

At this point I still didn’t see a panicked father in the crowds so I picked Sage up and walked through the throngs of people, talking to him the whole way trying to distract him and keep him calm. Iron Man was one of his favorite superheros and his cousin came with him to Comic Con dressed as Cyclops. Still no sign of dad though and after a few minutes I met up with Jeremy again and we found a volunteer, informing them that Sage was lost.

Sage managed to remember his dads name and a few radio relays later another volunteer approached us with a frantic father in tow. The man was understandably near tears at the sight of his son. “Who? Who’s the hero that found him?” (yes those were his actual words) The volunteers look to me with a simple “Storm.” Sage’s dad was so thankful. “Storm has always been one of my favorite characters. I’ll never forget this.”

Neither will I. By far the best memory from Dallas Comic Con.

-Mattice Lowery a.k.a SamwiththeHair


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