Honey, You Mean Hunkules!

(Art by Ed McGuinness, Marvel Comics)

To say I love Greg Pak’s and Fred Van Lante’s 30(-ish) issue Incredible Hercules series would be like saying, sure, I kind of like to breathe every once in a while, I guess. By the end of issue 112 I was so invested in these people, you know? Not in the way I usually am about books or comics either where I want to know what comes next but am perfectly content to miss some of the story. I immediately needed the next installment and the next and the next and I found myself in love and concerned with these people (fictional though they be).

Amadeus Cho is the capable, hilarious, and self-reliant person I wish I could be (and totally idolize and would show to my kids as an example of cool people to be like) and Hercules is the kind, strong, and honest person I love and gravitate towards. The fact that he’s a gorgeous, hairy, Greek doesn’t hurt his chances with me at all but so much heart went into these characters and stories that I defy people to read about the adventures these two get into and not find themselves as personally engrossed as I am.

Incredible Hercules has monomyth allegories, coyote pups, quantum shenanigans, jealous gods, and classical Hercules tales to boot!

Not to say that I didn’t find a few personal problems with the book, as in one or two homophobic jokes and a very open question mark about the other sides to Herc’s sexuality that are clearly hinted at but never mentioned in full but these errors felt so glaring to me simply because everything else was pure, Olympian gold. I laughed or cried to myself in every issue and couldn’t stop reading once I started. When I gasped in horror or anticipation it felt real and was always rewarded in full with emotional payout and character development.

Basically what I’m saying is that I’m sorry I didn’t read this marvelous book while it was current but it’s at the top of my recommendations for anyone who read comics now.


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