Ava’Dara Naganandini: Warbird!

Art by Nick Bradshaw

The introduction of Ava’Dara Naganandini a.k.a. Warbird into Wolverine and The X-Men was something that not only came out of left field, but got me incredibly excited. Not since Xena the Warrior Princess have I been enthused about not only a character’s attitude, but her costume design as well. I mean just look at her. She will knock you the hell out. I love it! [stab stab]

One thing that has gotten me bothered is the lack of clarity from the Astonishing X-Men #51 wedding issue that was such a milestone. Not that I thought everything needed to go completely peachy outside of the normal crazy that was happening, but when Warbird noted that she wouldn’t be attending Northstar’s wedding because she “[didn’t] recognize the validity of the ceremony vows”, I thought that was odd.

Though I was quick to [and probably right] assume that she was talking about two guys getting together, my brain waves surfed towards a different place thinking maybe she did not accept Northstar marrying a human as she may see humans as lower beings; mutants being obviously more evolved.

She is however a new character, and evolution of her views could certainly be a great move on the writers part. Besides the most evolved mutant is without a doubt Storm, and wouldn’t that be the most bad-ass team-up ever!


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