With Great Movie, Comes Great Money

Marvel/Columbia Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man (out now in theaters) didn’t immediately reach out and jiggle my superheroics-meets-melodrama sweet spot but instead took me on what can only be described as an honest-to-goodness journey. I came into this having very much enjoyed Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy to varying degrees but still possessing only a passing knowledge of Spider-Man the comics character.

What makes the movie so great and so accessible is the phenomenal, consistent performances turned in by every member of the cast. Sally Fields is consummately Aunt May. Martin Sheen is Ben Parker in my mind forever now. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield play such perfect angst-y yet likeable teenagers it almost seems unreal. The script is very ably written and contains well-measured amounts of action and emotion. I could watch Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy in movies by herself and Andrew Garfield manages to distill the best versions of Peter Parker into one iteration of the character.

The only complaints I had were that his Spider-Man costume was ugly to me and that the movie didn’t have more of the parts I loved (which were abundant to begin with). Seriously, my only problem was a minor, personal quibble with one aesthetic element! This is a solid movie and certainly my favorite Spider-Man movie so far. Don’t miss this one!


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