It’s About Timey Wimey: Uncanny Avengers!

Marvel NOW; Art by Joe Quesada

Seriously, we aren’t even done with AvX and the next big thing is about to take you for a loop; a time loop. [spoilers?] Out in October 2012 will come a plethora of comics under the Marvel NOW Initiative; Uncanny Avengers, The All New X-Men, and the New Avengers! This comes as a direct answer to the happenings, or will be happenings, of the Avengers vs. X-Men story line where the Cap’n and his gang finally see some validity to Cykes way of thinking. [spoilers]

With some costume changes and a bit of fan favorite random characters thrown into the mix, one of the most interesting moves, is Marvels introduction of the original five X-Men time-traveling to the future! See that lady with a Liefeld-esque flare on her forehead? Yes Phoenix fans, Jean is back to the future! A future she will probably not be O.K with.

I smell some kind of temporal paradox happening. Something to the effect of, Jean comes to the future before she was the Phoenix and AvX never happened. I’ll leave the rest for this weekends podcast!


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