Sir Antony Ellis; If You Please!

Gambit #5 Cover by Terry Dodson

I am so happy – I could die today!

So, let me get you up to date.  A couple of months back, Paul, Liz and I interviewed James Asmus, who is the current writer of the new ongoing Gambit series to promote Gambit #1 in X-Nation Episode 71 .  We all really hit it off, with Liz and I particularly taken by Mr. Asmus.

Anyway, the feeling must be mutual as James tweeted me last night asking if I’d checked out the preview pages for issue #6 of the series.  I explained that I was excited for the new arc which sees Remy LeBeau on an escapade in the UK and that the cover for issue five (below) had been my iPad wallpaper for months.

James sent me a link to issue #6 which shows Gambit using an alias to sneak into Buckingham Palace (and past Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, too I might add!).  The name he gives – Sir Antony Ellis – knighted for services to art.

So that sort of means that I exist in the Marvel Universe, I think, or at least Gambit has thought up my name.  Thank you, again, to James Asmus, for the best Christmas gift I think I’ll ever get!  You’ve made me one happy fanboy! [panel below].

Gambit #6