The Disco Dazzler

(Art by Todd Nauck,

In honor of our awesome new book club, I present the one and only Alison Blaire! No other mutant in the Marvel universe can say they canonically have drag queen impersonators and no one can rock a roller skate like Dazzler. Whether she’s creating hand-lasers from battle cries or putting out some totally mellow light effects for one of her down-tempo jamz (or literally having “Trained singer” as one of her powers on Wikipedia), no one marries wacky charm and honestly compelling characterization like Ali Blaire.

She is currently skating her way through space and time with the gayest (and most attractive) of all possible Wolverines, a disembodied Xavier, and a wayward version of Nightcrawler in X-Treme X-Men which is not to be missed!


One thought on “The Disco Dazzler

  1. “no one can rock a roller skate like Dazzler.”

    Iron Man comes pretty close. And he was doing it first.

    As for X-Treme X-Men, I have to say, much as I like Dazzler, she’s the worst part about that book. I don’t like how Pak’s been writing her. She’s just been really annoying me.

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