Halle Berry; Back to the Future-Past

Art by Daniel Acuña

Art by Daniel Acuña

There was a time when I loved Halle Berry. I’m talkin’ B.A.P.S. kinda love people! But then she was cast as my number one favorite comic book character of all time, Storm. Her flat, directionless acting obviously didn’t prevent me from seeing the movies, then seeing them again, and then buying them, but the characterization of one Miss Ororo Munroe left me without the spark of an electrical synapse between my neurons. It was a sad few years.

After some good-to-great Marvel movies, and with the pretty awesome success of X-Men First Class, though it took a lot of liberties with the story line, Bryan Singer has announced that First Class 2 will bring back Ms. Berry to reprise her role as Storm once again.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

If the past has anything to do with the Future Mr. Singer, I have a feeling Montreal can look forward to some dreary skies. You may want to keep a bonnet on hand so those white wigs don’t go flying off whilst fighting off the big bads.


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