Angelic Adamantium Awards!

If you are like us, you have been wasting your time…or treating yo-self to a daily dose of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance on Facebook! You may also know that unless you are a jobless teenager with your ipad or laptop at your side 24-7, it is totally mission impossible to win a top spot on the side PVP game.

Much to the surprise of about a million people (a guesstimate), we woke up to 10 gold bars, 100k silver, a new spiffy white trench, a gun thing, and you bet your ass, Angel!

This is what reps for Avengers Alliance had to say just in case you are worried about losing your blonde and beautiful new boyfriend:

Many of you noticed that we ran into an issue with PVP Tournament 9. Some players were accidentally given the reward hero: Angel. We will not revoke rewards which were given to players in error and have decided that all players who received Angel can keep him. We appreciate the hard work of the players who made it to the top of the leader boards A fix will be in place before the next Tournament. We are also working to release the Archangel costume very soon so all players who received the hero can enjoy. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.
Thanks for playing!
M:AA Development Team


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