Like A Virus: A Review


Robert Wilson IV, Rueben & Ken Lowery @ Zeus Comics, Dallas Tx

Writer Ken Lowery and artist Robert Wilson IV’Like A Virus one shot is a beautifully created book. The story’s protagonist, Felicity, lives in the Empire Row neighborhood and within a world that acknowledges that there are those who are “touched”; or those who can sense and communicate with ghosts and [possibly] give them peace.

She finds herself investigating a mysterious sound that occurs at the same time every day on her street. “SMAKK”  The legend of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, the legend behind the sound. Felicity meets said legend, the ghost of Marie Cranston.

Like A Virus deals with the subject and the psychology of suicide. Heavy stuff you say? Indeed. With Lowery’s very personal and thoughtful writing, and Wilson’s striking and emotive illustrations, Like A Virus addresses its plot with honesty and a sense of hope.

It’s definitely worth the read!

You can pick up a copy at Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas!


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