Warner Bros. hits a ‘Berg’ with Batman/Superman Casting

Jesse Eisenberg; Photo by Steven Klein for Vogue

Jesse Eisenberg; Photo by Steven Klein for Vogue

Warner Bros Pictures, with all of its high class movie know how, and big budget spendy-spend executives have decided to cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

I was not aware [and I may get shit for this later] that Lex was supposed to be an awkward, eighteen year old looking, [yes I know he’s thirty] five-foot-seven kid from New Jersey. Well maybe the Jersey part I can believe. But at this point they really should just make it a casting lottery for BvS and see what happens.

An ACTUAL penguin as The Penguin perhaps? An all animal production? THAT, I would pay to see!

Luckily they have cast Jeremy Irons to play Alfred. Though Michael Caine will be missed, as every Bruce needs a little sass to go with his morning juice, Irons is a well rounded actor that can certainly step into any role and make it his own. [Have you seen The Borgias?]

We can only hope the Eisenberg’s slant disposition can fill the shoes of Lex Luthor; surely the bitchiest, broadest [human] villain in the D.C. universe!


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