Loki: Makes a New Start!

Loki New Start Slider

We loved Loki; Agent of Asgard #1 so much, [and of course we love Wicked so much] it inspired us to finish writing Loki’s version of the Wizard and I and record it! Thank Odin for Garageband. With a little tweak [as there is no other wizard really], please enjoy our version we like to call, “Make a New Start!” 

Did that really just happen
Did Wiccan really save the day?
All this magic, and travel, the universe did unravel …
Did it happen, so I could
try and be the wizard ,..if only I could
i’ll try and be, good
When am a wizard, once i prove my worth..
then ill be that wizard, that odin’s waited for since birth
and with all my wizard wisdom, and new looks you’ll be dumbfounded

Like Thor’s face in all that he does!
Im not the same god that I was. No!
By Odin’s beard
I have come so far
A god on who you can rely
And that’s how I’ll win hearts
I’ll make a new start!

When I’m a good wizard, my whole life will change
cause once your a good wizard, people think your sane
No all-fathers not proud of you
no brother acts a-shamed
and all of Asgard will love you
when as a wizard your acclaimed

And this frost giant curse, it tears me apart
making my life a dark art
I’ll find my own way out
and make a new starrrrt!

And one day Thor says to me
Have at thee!
I jest, let us travel to Midgard
As we make haste to Avengers Tower
Don’t forget your membership card!

And watch out for Tony Starks third degree
As hesfixated on your history
It might be alright if you
Leave those horns behind , too.

Oh Yes of course, whats gotten into me
I’ll play the role, I’ll play the part!
I’ll win Iron Man’s heart
And make a new start.
I’ll win Iron Man’s heart
and make a new…..

A good wizard is unlimited
The all mother had a vision
that she told to me,
You were truly crazy
You even, killed a baby,
But I know with future good deeds
The past will fall away through and through
And a New Loki, you’ll be!

And you’ll stand there, a new wizard
feeling feels you’ve never felt,
And with your banging new body
Even the she-hulk, she will, melt!
And so it will be for the rest of your life
And you will always be apart!
Held in such high esteem,
when people see you they will scream
for half of asgards favorite team!
You’ll make your new start!


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