A Straight Shot to >> The Atom!

The Atom

So there are not a lot of us on the show who are huge fans of the CW’s Arrow but I must admit Aaron M. and I started picking up an episode here and there during season 2. It’s not bad, and aside from the off and on usage of his Batman like voice deepen-er/modulator, which is so Marvin the Martian may I add, Arrow is getting pretty exciting.

Image: Young Justice

Image: Young Justice

The only thing that would make me a hardcore avid watcher is if they added someone like Brandon Routh to the…oh… you mean.. they did?!?! I’m sure most people could care less about his red underwear clad portrayal of the sort of stoic Superman, but for those of you who don’t know, Routh is not just hunky, but hilarious! I hope that his portrayal of The Atom [Ray Palmer] brings a bit of that, as Arrow could certainly use it. If anything…Routh will be taking a ride on the spandex train for sure!

Routh will join the CW’s third season of Arrow this fall 2014.

[Slider Image; Brandon Routh for Bello magazine]


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