The State of America!

The way red, white and blue is represented is an ever evolving thing, both in comics and in, what I like to call, real life [inside joke there]. With all of the drama surrounding the current Cap book as well as Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon, be it by pseudo activists or the many privileged out for a witch hunt, or those with actual concern and real investment into the cause, the news from Marvel’s own CCO, Joe Quesada via The Colbert Report last night, that Sam will indeed take up the mantle of Captain America, is indeed a breath of fresh air! [Thank you Terry Gross]

America Chavez

Young Avengers; Jamie Mckelvie

This is not however a a snub on the various incarnations and representations of those who are Cap and Cap alike, no sir/ma’am, it’s an appreciation post for sure. But I gotta say my American dream team would be; Captain America [Sam & Like “Co-Captain America’s”] and please note they would be married in the AU, Miss America [America Chavez] who would lead the team cause she gets shit done like it’s friday at 4:59 p.m. and we are all trying to go home, Patriot [Eli Bradley] because I really like his costume, and because we all need the broody one, Bucky of course. [Shout out to ALL of the patriotically themed heroes though].

I gotta say every cover for that series would probably be gloriously hideous! TEAM AMERICA!!! Red, white and, oh god please make it stop.


2 thoughts on “The State of America!

  1. I agree! I like this change. Things start to get stale if you don’t shake them up. I wish more people would get on board. What do you think about the Thor change? (I’m down for that too.)

  2. I think change is good in general. I think the Thor change is great! I feel like there was such a backlash because of all the new readers/movie viewers of Thor don’t realize that other men, women, animals and aliens have taken up the mantle before. *Ribbit*

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