These are the Days; X-Men!

Having come out in theaters this past May, X-Men: Days of Future Pastthe second installment of the revamped X-series has FINALLY come home..well at least to my home. If you didn’t get your butt out to see the movie, then watch out! There will surely be some spoilers sweetie. This review is less play-by-play, more coulda, woulda, Shadowcat!

So first thing is first. Sentinels. They get a sleek makeover from the comics and cartoon versions we all know and love. At the end of Wolverine’s claws however they always seemed to be “just……to…love.” It’s a robot thing. In Days, they are fast and sleek like an eggplant colored Miata on a hunt for red October.

The twist? Kitty Pryde’s [Ellen Page] consciousness projection powers allow Old Man Logan [Hugh Jackman] to travel back into his 1970’s buns of steel days [this is definitely a press pause moment], and convince drug induced, post First Class  pitiful Charles Xavier [James McAvoy] and best frenemy forever, Erik ‘Magneto’ Lensherr [Michael Fassbender] to help save the future by stopping the assassination of Bolivar Trask, creator of the Sentinels.

It’s a lot right? Indeed. I enjoyed this movie because I went in having no to low expectations. Hopefully you listened to our podcast regarding the most EPIC MOMENT of the movie, because it is probably what Halle Berry should have actually one an Oscar for.

All kidding aside I really enjoyed it, perhaps a 2.5 or 3 out of 5! It had good representation of a diverse cast and had moments that were pretty satisfying for not only an X-Men lover, but a superhero movie lover as well. You can never go wrong with a lineup that includes Bishop, Warpath, Blink, Sunspot and Iceman to name just a few!

Slated to be available on October 14, 2014, there are talks of a “Rogue Version” that will include the scenes of Anna Paquin’s Rogue that were cut from the theatrical version! That’s reason enough to buy the dvd! Sookie, sookie now!

X-Men Days of Future Past; Marvel/Fox Films

X-Men Days of Future Past; Marvel/Fox Films



3 thoughts on “These are the Days; X-Men!

  1. Jordan, thanks for the comment! I think a 3 is pretty solid for a movie. It’s not so much about what I didn’t like, [though Kitty Pryde’s new time projection power was kinda wierd] it’s more of I didn’t get that feeling of “Man I HAVE TO GO SEE THIS AGAIN RIGHT NOW!” feeling. I try my very best not to go into a comic book movie with preconcieved ideas about what I think the movie should be like, as compared to the comics original story. I certainly appreciate the changes/differences writers, producers and directors decide to make.

    So to answer your question…I guess I really enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. Which would be a 4 or a 5. I wished they would have kept Rogue’s scenes in. I would have liked to have had more backstory with the future X-Men; Bishop, Blink, Sunspot, and Warpath, but I realize that’s a movie time issue, and I get that the whole movie was used as a vehicle to restart the X-Men timeline and bring those who died back from the dead [like that doesn’t always happen], but maybe it would have been a bit more satisfying if they had left us hanging with that part and saved it for the next movie. That way they could have recast Storm.

    I hope that answers your question. Thanks again for writing in, love your blog!

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