Joe Jusko; A Masterpiece!

How did I miss this?!? Remember that time when Aaron M. and I met one of our art heroes Joe Jusko? Not only was he what I like to call hot, but he was an incredibly generous and humble human! Now lets take it back to 1992 when we were all frantically buying Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces’ trading card series, hoping and praying that we would finally get that Wolverine card that seemed so rare that we all thought it was worth like fifty dollars!

Well hold on to your binders people because you all are about to have a wave of nostalgia wash over you like the ever-so-beautiful Storm card from said series!

Jusko is in the process of creating the 2014 Marvel Masterpieces with Upper Deck and I have already told-instructed-asked-begged my local comic shoppe, Zeus to pre-order, because you know I am going to be all up in that glossy box! Totally looking forward to a second quarter 2015 release. Check out some of Joe’s work below and more of his art at


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