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Weekly Anticipation: X-Club 7

Animal Man 4/Swamp Thing 4; I am totally cheating this week in a BIG way by choosing 5 top picks as opposed to 3 but DC is totally killing me with my options! Animal Man and Swamp Thing, while very different in feel, are completely at the top of their game AND even managing to … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Winter Bucky

Captain America and Bucky 624 is the finale of this re-telling of Bucky Barnes’ story since World War II by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko and it was been a masterful character study into one of the most interesting heroes to emerge from modern superhero stories. I’m not quite certain how this and the other … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Guuuuuuuuurl!

Supergirl 3; mmmmmmmmm, okay! You guys, if this comic were a song and we were all in a totally bangin’ club right now, I would be running onto the dance floor with my hands in the air, exactly as if I did not care! Kara will not take any guff and she’s finally on the … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Flightless Bird

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice 2 is on track to be my favorite of the week if all the well-crafted, anguished character work remains from the first issue. That was the perfect example of why a novelist can absolutely shine in the sequential storytelling medium and I have the utmost hopes for this week. Pain, revenge, … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Red, Red In My Head

Animal Man 3 is going to  rock every single casbah in the universe! Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire are doing spooky, creepy, wonderful things and this is one book you will want to say you were reading from the beginning. Our intrepid duo are making their way into the Red and something wicked is preparing … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Trenchcoat & Dirk

Cloak & Dagger 3 is finally, finally getting the cover treatment it deserves! Unfortunately, it wraps around the unfortunate glory that is this series’ final issue. You guys, Emma Rios and Nick Spencer are 100% making my favorite comic here and I simply can’t stop recommending this little, limited series to anyone who likes sequential … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Haus of Kara

Supergirl 2 actually wins out for me as my most anticipated title this week because I just could not wait to see what happened next after issue 1. Mahmud Asar and Dan Green have such a clean and idyllic art style, it feels vaguely like Francis Manapul to me while still being unique. The Michael … Continue reading