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A Straight Shot to >> The Atom!

A Straight Shot to >> The Atom!

So there are not a lot of us on the show who are huge fans of the CW’s Arrow but I must admit Aaron M. and I started picking up an episode here and there during season 2. It’s not bad, and aside from the off and on usage of his Batman like voice deepen-er/modulator, which is … Continue reading

The Cape

Tonight the Cape premiered to ENORMOUS  clichés and mediocre acting. It looks like creator Tom Wheeler has been shopping in Batman creator Bob Kane’s closet. David Lyons plays Vince Faraday, a Palm City cop with a heart of gold  who gets framed by baddie Chess for multiple murders. While on the run Vince finds himself hiding … Continue reading

MaD’s Triple H: Michael Chiklis

Windiebird’s dream man is a barrel of an actor! Best known for his role as Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four movies as well as from his days as tough as nails cop with a heart of gold on The Shield, Michael Chiklis continues to heat us up playing the indestructible Jim Powell in ABC’s No Ordinary Family!  … Continue reading

Hulk & Dagger

    The Hulk could be making his way to a TV screen near you! The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Jeph Joeb is making headway in calling forth an Incredible Hulk series from the limitless depths of the Disney pocketbooks. Partnering with Disney’s ABC television channel is a no-brainer for Marvel. With a … Continue reading

All Star Animation!

In 2011 Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman will be made into a DC Universe animated movie.  All Star Superman takes place outside of DCU continuity, and is Morrison’s take on the Superman Mythos.  This should make a good movie because this is not your average Superman story.  -Aaron M

The Glory of Austin Comicon

The gorgeous Buffy alum Clare Kramer has been added as a featured guest at the Wizard World Austin Comicon.  Kramer played the role of the hell god Glory, the big bad of season 5 on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  You might also recognize her as Courtney from the very first Bring It On movie.  Ms. Kramer … Continue reading

Guildies, Season 4 Ep. 1! Epic Guilt

Ladies & Gents, I have returned! After being monsterly oblitteration station from an attack on my sinuses, I’m back to contributing to Mutant A Day! Hooray! Also, The Guild  is back in its fourth season with insta-dramz as Codex [Felicia Day] gets into a bit of trouble for dating last season’s enemy de jour, Faux[e] … Continue reading


Geoff Johns has announced on his twitter feed that there is a live action Blue Beetle television series in developement.   With the whole sci-fi superhero aspect I think this series could be cool if done right .  The Blue Beetle story is interesting and there is definitely nothing like it on TV .  This will make Blue Beetle the … Continue reading

Quiver My Timbers!

Neal McDonough has been cast as the Voice of Green Arrow in the DC showcase animated short.  The short is written by Greg Weisman creator of Gargoyles the animated series, so that makes it a must see for me.  Rumor has it McDonough will also portray Sheild agent Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger. -Aaron M  

Season of the Bat!

August 17th 2010 Warner Home Video will release Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part 1 on DVD. Part 1 will contain the first 13 episodes and will be priced at $19.73, which is a great deal.  This awesome series should hit stores August 17th 2010. -Aaron M