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Super Hero Shoe Shopping!

Check out my new Batman Shoes, I finally purchased a pair of the DC Super Hero Converse.  While I was shopping I also saw a pair of Poison Ivy and Aquaman shoes that were pretty cool.  For more information check out converse.com or journeys.com. – Aaron M Advertisements

Artist Watch: Evan Bryce Cranston

It’s always a good morning when I sign into one of the millions of social networks I belong to and find beautiful art too look at! Check out these pieces by Evan. Such wonderful colors and interesting character designs! You can check out more of Evan’s work on his deviantART site HERE and make sure to follow his tumblr … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Winter Bucky

Captain America and Bucky 624 is the finale of this re-telling of Bucky Barnes’ story since World War II by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko and it was been a masterful character study into one of the most interesting heroes to emerge from modern superhero stories. I’m not quite certain how this and the other … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Trenchcoat & Dirk

Cloak & Dagger 3 is finally, finally getting the cover treatment it deserves! Unfortunately, it wraps around the unfortunate glory that is this series’ final issue. You guys, Emma Rios and Nick Spencer are 100% making my favorite comic here and I simply can’t stop recommending this little, limited series to anyone who likes sequential … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Miles Beyond the Rest

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 2 keeps the Miles train rolling right along and what a start it was! Brian Michael Bendis sure knows how to write an empathic teen, doesn’t he? Miles’ family, context and environment are efficiently set up in issue one (seriously, it’s a beautifully done, speedy work of introductions) paving the way for … Continue reading

Halloween Goes MaD!

Mutant A Day had a blast this Halloween in our Gayborhood in Dallas, Texas! We spent lots of time on our costumes and can’t  wait till next year to do it all over again! Check out MaD Episode 9; the conclusion to our three parter for Halloween. We will review parties, candy, pizza and more! … Continue reading