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MaD Episode 40: The Phoenix 5 Inches!

Is that a ruby quartz visor  in your pocket or are you just happy to see that we made it to Episode 40!?! We chat about The Phoenix 5, AvX, the digital Infinite comic, porn stars, comics from the last two weeks and do a recap on the Northstar bachelor party and reception! Advertisements

Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Canny Ultimates

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1 – and the rest of the new Ultimate Comics titles – are all covered by my arch-art-nemesis…but that doesn’t change my jubilant, crazy-fan elation this week in the slightest! Jonathan Hickman writes with a goal in mind and always with character first and Esad Ribic’s preview art is stunning. This looks … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Batprey Mutantpoint!

Birds of Prey 12 is easily the top title I’m excited for this week and it’s only partially because of this totally rad cover! Oracle and the Birds are all, “Oh! Did we blow up that building? Well, hooooowdee!” that’s a very fitting introduction to Jesus Saiz, the new ongoing series artist and a fitting … Continue reading

SDCC and Beyond!

We were not able to attend the San Diego Comic Con, but we do have some SDCC updates.  First off Batman Beyond will be returning to comics some time in the future, once the current miniseries wraps.  In other DC news Grant Morrison will take on the character Captain Marvel in a title called Thunder World.  Morrison … Continue reading