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Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Aaron M. and I (Rueben) are always excited about a D.C. animated film. Most are pretty good compared to the live action films, and bonus, we get to embrace the hermit and watch it at home. First off, this is not a new story. You’ve seen it before. A tale as old as time. (Ahem, Barry) … Continue reading

SDCC Assemble!

San Diego Comic Con has delivered some more amazing news, so here are some more SDCC updates.  The big news that’s got every one talking is two more Avengers have been cast, Mark Ruffalo has been officially been cast as the Hulk and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.  In Smallville news both Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be appearing in episodes, according to … Continue reading


Geoff Johns has announced on his twitter feed that there is a live action Blue Beetle television series in developement.   With the whole sci-fi superhero aspect I think this series could be cool if done right .  The Blue Beetle story is interesting and there is definitely nothing like it on TV .  This will make Blue Beetle the … Continue reading