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Don’t Pull the Plug on Powerless

Don’t Pull the Plug on Powerless

Vanessa Hudgens you guys. I promise I won’t go on and on about how much I despised her back in her High-School Musical, dating Zac Efron, not having it together days, but I did. She was the worst. I didn’t understand why she kept on keeping on, ya know “acting”. Fast forward and like most young … Continue reading

2012 SuperHero Ornaments!

Check out these super cool 2012 Hallmark superhero Christmas Ornaments.  I have already purchased two of these to go on our tree, Catwoman and Lion-o.  For more information or to see the whole selection go to Hallmark.com. – Aaron M

Green Lantern Stop! Teen Titans Go!

With the launch of the DC zero issues in September many of the creative teams will switch to work on other books.  Tyler Kirkham, who I was lucky enough to interview last year, will be moving from Green Lantern New Guardians to Teen Titans.  Though he will be missed on New Guardians because of his … Continue reading

Time O’ The Month

Ahh yes! The day has finally come [whink] ! It’s NEW COMICS DAY! And boy has MaD been waiting for their monthly dose of art and script. Specifically Uncanny X-Men!  Click HERE for a list of all the new issues coming out today in the Marvel Universe; Click HERE for the DC Universe; HERE for DarkHorse!