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Mad Episode 39: Polaris vs. Puppies!

Rueben, Aaron M. & Antony [Kellen is filming on location] come out of the past and chat about Northstar’s Bachelor party a bit more, AvX, Uncanny X-Men, Supervillain UNIT, And gay Alan Scott in the new Earth 2 comic!

Free Comic Book Day 2012!

Tomorrow, myself and the rest of the gang from Mutant A Day will be at Zeus Comics for Free Comic Day! Many artists will be there doing commissions, and being generally awesome! So stop by, say hi, and get some comics!

Artist Watch; Jesse Rubenfeld

I stumbled across Jesse Rubenfeld while perusing ‘The Tumblr’ and witnessed his meshing of Renaissance art with superheroes in a rendition of the Sistine Chapel that features the legion of substitute heroes a-la D.C., instead of the full Legion members.  I must say that I have always appreciated classical renaissance art [as well as the … Continue reading

? : Joseph Gordon-Levitt

MaD was JUST discussing how Gordon-Levitt would be fantastic as Robin in a Teen Titans movie. Who’da thunk that hollywood might be gearing up for him to play villian, Riddler, in Batman 3?!? We say to this, “Sounds like a plan.” Actors who are able to play all character types, be it villain or hero, are … Continue reading

The “core” of Ryan Reynolds

MaD does infact have a pretty gyne-ormous crush on one Mr. Reynolds, however his monopoly on comic book characters frightens us just a tad or it makes us want his “pizza place” even more! What are YOUR thoughts? Do you think he should star in the new Green Lantern movie? It’s poll time!

Puck Post #4: BLAMMOIDS!!!

Mutant A Day loves toys, and as the production of new mighty muggs have slowed a bit we are looking for the cuteness to satisfy our hero worship! In early 2010 DC is set to introduce BLAMMOIDS to retailers near you. And we are uber excited about collecting! These hexagonal heroes and villains send our … Continue reading

Essentially Awesome

My dear people, I have discovered the most perfect idea to come out of the comics industry in ages. THE BACKLOG COLLECTION! I am not omniscient. THERE, I’ve said it! I admit my faults and I have faith that we can all grow from here. But seriously, I don’t eat, sleep & breathe comics. I … Continue reading

Iceman & Jimmy…Happy Birthday!

So yesterday, thanks to the comic world’s cutest twins, Aaron & Shawn Ashmore, was the merging of the DC and Marvel Universe INTO ONE BLOG!!! Why, you ask? It’s because yesterday was their birthday! (they are 21 29) Aaron, Smallville’s Jimmy Olsen & Shawn, X-Men’s Bobby Drake (a.k.a. Iceman) are two Canadians that add so … Continue reading