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Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Canny Ultimates

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1 – and the rest of the new Ultimate Comics titles – are all covered by my arch-art-nemesis…but that doesn’t change my jubilant, crazy-fan elation this week in the slightest! Jonathan Hickman writes with a goal in mind and always with character first and Esad Ribic’s preview art is stunning. This looks … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Xschism

Wonder Woman 613 is my most anticipated pick of the week because Phil Hester is finally bringing us the two-part conclusion to The Odyssey! Diana vs. The Morrigan in a show-stopping finale…that won’t matter in two months! The thing about that though is that I’ve found this to be a legitimately captivating story arc to … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Arrows Are Greener

Green Arrow 12 is (of course) my most anticipated title of the week! And not just because I always love to read about my favorite character but because this is going to be JT Krul’s first legitimately self-inspired take on the title. Well, mostly, he has to deal with the aftermath of Brightest Day (Galahad, … Continue reading

While My Wallet Gently Weeps

Action Comics 900 has a huge order to fill, wrapping up Reign of Doomsday & the Luthor storyline in one 96-page mega-issue while paying homage to the Man of Steel and the villain…people-named-Lex. Age of X: Universe 2 is almost a What If? with the reveal from the previous chapters of Age of X but … Continue reading

High-Flying Covers!

Birds of Prey 8 brings us more of Barbara Gordon’s plans to kill Oracle (maybe?)! Mortis has Hawk and Dove in her sights in this, another Batman, Inc. tie-in issue. Love love love! The Dex-Starr’s out of the bag in Emerald Warriors 6 and it could mean trouble for Guy’s plans to spew blood-vomit everywhere … Continue reading

Flash Warriors Lost

The Flash 7 starts off this light week (for me, anyways) with a Rogue-centric issue! The hype text is pretty vague if this will just be a spotlight issue (a la issue 0 of this series) or an actual story-issue. Either way, a few more details about how Captain Boomerang fits into the new world … Continue reading

The Children Who Prey on Vampires

American Vampire 8 is Scott Snyder’s third solo entry in the series and there’s no reason it wont’ be another great one! Skinner Sweet is always raising hell but will Las Vegas continue to provide such a welcome home to him now that he is hunted once again? Pearl has yet to be seen but … Continue reading

DC Wednesday

    Emerald Warriors 3 continues the new Green Lantern tale as Guy Gardner and the Throbbing, Red Rockets continue their stop on the Blue Lantern Corps home planet. Brother Ganesha Warth has a special task for our ginger-flavored protagonist but let’s hope it doesn’t delay his arrival in the Unknown Sectors. Generation Lost 11 … Continue reading

International Vampire Fishnets

X-Men #2 is Marvel’s big interest for me this week and I’m not quite sure how to feel about that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still riding the high off of Second Coming and loving the recent Five Lights issue of Uncanny. Blade is in town to fight the vampires here and it could be … Continue reading