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Greg Pak @ Zeus Comics!

Greg Pak @ Zeus Comics!

Superstar writer Greg Pak will drop by Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas on Sunday July 5th from 1-4 p.m. Pak will have copies of his new children’s book, “The Princess Who Saved Herself” (based on the beloved song by Jonathan Coulton). His comics work span both Marvel and DC Comics including the “Truth” storyline on … Continue reading

Getting X-Treme; X-Men!

So I really didn’t think, from the previous storyline, that the new X-Treme X-men, which came out Wednesday, would be worth reading. It however, is! Taking place before the events of AvX, We find Dazzler being called back to Utopia right as a portal to another dimension opens up and variations of Emma Frost, Wolverine … Continue reading

Honey, You Mean Hunkules!

To say I love Greg Pak’s and Fred Van Lante’s 30(-ish) issue Incredible Hercules series would be like saying, sure, I kind of like to breathe every once in a while, I guess. By the end of issue 112 I was so invested in these people, you know? Not in the way I usually am … Continue reading