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Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Aaron M. and I (Rueben) are always excited about a D.C. animated film. Most are pretty good compared to the live action films, and bonus, we get to embrace the hermit and watch it at home. First off, this is not a new story. You’ve seen it before. A tale as old as time. (Ahem, Barry) … Continue reading

Green Lantern Stop! Teen Titans Go!

With the launch of the DC zero issues in September many of the creative teams will switch to work on other books.  Tyler Kirkham, who I was lucky enough to interview last year, will be moving from Green Lantern New Guardians to Teen Titans.  Though he will be missed on New Guardians because of his … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Trenchcoat & Dirk

Cloak & Dagger 3 is finally, finally getting the cover treatment it deserves! Unfortunately, it wraps around the unfortunate glory that is this series’ final issue. You guys, Emma Rios and Nick Spencer are 100% making my favorite comic here and I simply can’t stop recommending this little, limited series to anyone who likes sequential … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Miles Beyond the Rest

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 2 keeps the Miles train rolling right along and what a start it was! Brian Michael Bendis sure knows how to write an empathic teen, doesn’t he? Miles’ family, context and environment are efficiently set up in issue one (seriously, it’s a beautifully done, speedy work of introductions) paving the way for … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Xschism

Wonder Woman 613 is my most anticipated pick of the week because Phil Hester is finally bringing us the two-part conclusion to The Odyssey! Diana vs. The Morrigan in a show-stopping finale…that won’t matter in two months! The thing about that though is that I’ve found this to be a legitimately captivating story arc to … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: War of the Schisming Fit

It’s finally here! X-Men Schism 1 arrives to fanfare, making up for the lackluster prelude (fingers crossed, anyways) and to bust up the Marvel mutant status quo! Anti-mutant sentiment is inflamed by a mutant terrorist (maybe a cell?) adding more pressure to the already stressed and provoked X-teams. An ideological crack is forming in the … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Hope on Pope

Generation Hope 8 features Teon peeing on the justice system! JUSTICE LIKE A WATERFALL!!! Anyways, the gang helps their resident primal-type character deal with charges levied against him and I don’t see how this could be anything but another great entry to the Generation Hope series. Kieron Gillen always brings innovative new twists to this … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Giant-Sized

X-Men Giant Size 2011 1 had one heck of a compelling preview (Emma & Scott being cute, mutants defending Utopia against the Evolutionaries) and managed to make its way to the top of my list after a solid Jubilee-centric issue before. A dark secret from the original X-Men team re-surfaces and Scott has to deal … Continue reading

Academy for Green League TitanZ

Avengers Academy 12 has the fully evolved Avengers Academy kids holding the line against Korvac, while providing some juicy emotional drama on account of the destinies handed down by these future visions. Some aren’t as bright and shiny as others in this always-excellent series. Generation Hope 6 brings another possible light to the Generation Team’s … Continue reading

Wonderful Age of Vampire Justice

Age of X: Universe 1 means Bizarro Avengers! What a violent alternate reality these mutants face but I must say, I’m really enjoying the story. Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful art but I’d read anything Age of X at this point. American Vampire 13 sees our Vampires At War! I’m anti-violence … Continue reading

Age of Lost Arrows

American Vampire 12 has Rafael Albuquerque taking a break on art duties for a one-shot detailing Skinner Sweet’s head on collision with the 20th century. Old enemies and faces are solicited to appear when Skinner finds himself at an Old West show… More forest, more Demon and more of the best archer of all time … Continue reading