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MAD episode 69: File Down Those Hooker Nails!

MAD episode 69: File Down Those Hooker Nails!

The first podcast of the new year where we talk A-Force, Uncanny X-Men, and Hellcat in comics as well as a few very honorable mentions about Agent Carter Season 1, and D.C.’s Supergirl and The Flash. It’s a husband team-up podcast! Enjoy! Advertisements

MAD Episode 67: Graduated!

MAD Episode 67: Graduated!

After a long holiday break Rueben, Antony and Aaron M. talk Agent Carter, Gotham, The Flash and a hoard of comics! Amazing, Uncanny and All New X-Men are giving us full on “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” rage face! Speaking of face, Batgirl’s newest villain is wanting hers back! … Continue reading

MAD Episode 66: Happy Holigays!

MAD Episode 66: Happy Holigays!

The Mutantaday team get together for the holiday episode and talk Batgirl #37, Secret Six #1, Uncanny X-Men annual #1 and poor Anole’s pity date! We also give our views on Agents of Shield,  Viola Davis, The Flash and more! We are so thankful for the past year, new friends, new family, new comics and … Continue reading

The REAL Comic Book Men

You see this is what I want from my heterosexual comic book loving men. Soft pants and capes people! I could watch HOURS and HOURS of this.

Weekly Anticipation: Batprey Mutantpoint!

Birds of Prey 12 is easily the top title I’m excited for this week and it’s only partially because of this totally rad cover! Oracle and the Birds are all, “Oh! Did we blow up that building? Well, hooooowdee!” that’s a very fitting introduction to Jesus Saiz, the new ongoing series artist and a fitting … Continue reading

While My Wallet Gently Weeps

Action Comics 900 has a huge order to fill, wrapping up Reign of Doomsday & the Luthor storyline in one 96-page mega-issue while paying homage to the Man of Steel and the villain…people-named-Lex. Age of X: Universe 2 is almost a What If? with the reveal from the previous chapters of Age of X but … Continue reading

Birds of International Flash Menace

Birds of Prey 11 is all about Huntress’ and Catman’s first (and last, obviously) foray into the dating world. I mean, these two are going to cause explosions, there’s just no other way it would play out. I can’t wait to read this one! The Flash 10 begins our wind down of this series and … Continue reading

Justice for the Green 99

The Flash 8 serves as the prelude to Flashpoint and (re-)tells the origin story of the Reverse Flash! Thawne is one twisted mamma jamma but I’m sure this issue will be playing a huge role in Barry Allen’s first big event now that he’s back. Green Arrow 7 introduces another character emerging from the Star … Continue reading

Flash Warriors Lost

The Flash 7 starts off this light week (for me, anyways) with a Rogue-centric issue! The hype text is pretty vague if this will just be a spotlight issue (a la issue 0 of this series) or an actual story-issue. Either way, a few more details about how Captain Boomerang fits into the new world … Continue reading

I Am A White Flash!

I’ve got a hell and a half of comics to read this week so it’s time for some quick reviews of the previews (as I do…es)! Avengers 7 make Hulk festive and red? To a non-Hulk-reader this is neither enticing or uninviting. It’s been a fun ride up to this point so why not, right? … Continue reading

Have Lunch With Geoff Johns!

The [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund] CBLDF is auctioning off a lunch with the amazing Geoff Johns.  Johns has worked titles such as  Teen Titans, The Flash, JSA, Superman, and Green Lantern just to name a few.  He also is responsible for the popular Blackest Night and Brightest Day Story arcs.  He is DC’s Chief Creative Officer and … Continue reading

Pesky Lanterns

Justice League of America #46 is the big one this week as the five-part JLA/JSA crossover The Dark Things kicks off! The Starheart has gone berserk causing magic on Earth to truly run wild. Strange weather patterns and randomly appearing metahumans are just the tip of the glowing, green iceberg that is the power of … Continue reading