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MAD episode 69: File Down Those Hooker Nails!

MAD episode 69: File Down Those Hooker Nails!

The first podcast of the new year where we talk A-Force, Uncanny X-Men, and Hellcat in comics as well as a few very honorable mentions about Agent Carter Season 1, and D.C.’s Supergirl and The Flash. It’s a husband team-up podcast! Enjoy! Advertisements

MAD Episode 66: Happy Holigays!

MAD Episode 66: Happy Holigays!

The Mutantaday team get together for the holiday episode and talk Batgirl #37, Secret Six #1, Uncanny X-Men annual #1 and poor Anole’s pity date! We also give our views on Agents of Shield,  Viola Davis, The Flash and more! We are so thankful for the past year, new friends, new family, new comics and … Continue reading

DAZZLER: Agent of Shield

DAZZLER: Agent of Shield

It’s no secret that Dan, Aaron M, James and I love Alison Blaire! With me in particular coming to the realization very recently that Dazzler of the X-Men (X-Treme if you’re nasty) is probably one of my favorite mutants! The rumor that Daz was going to be giving up the disco and getting a real … Continue reading

Mad Episode 39: Polaris vs. Puppies!

Rueben, Aaron M. & Antony [Kellen is filming on location] come out of the past and chat about Northstar’s Bachelor party a bit more, AvX, Uncanny X-Men, Supervillain UNIT, And gay Alan Scott in the new Earth 2 comic!

Weekly Anticipation: Red, Red In My Head

Animal Man 3 is going to  rock every single casbah in the universe! Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire are doing spooky, creepy, wonderful things and this is one book you will want to say you were reading from the beginning. Our intrepid duo are making their way into the Red and something wicked is preparing … Continue reading

Regenesis: Psylocke’d!

Hey Betsy you’re quite literally, literally playing mind games with us! What is the deal with being on both teams? Or are these covers not truly the new teams and artists and writers are making readers/viewers poo their pants for sales! Either way, I’m totally buying EVERYTHING!

Uncanny Tease!

Check out the first teaser image for Uncanny X-Men #1, with Emma Frost front and center.  The blacked out part appears to be Magneto, Juggernaut, and Iceman, but I could be mistaken.  With Marvel saying Cyclops won’t  necessarily be leading this team, one of these people could possibly be the new leader of the uncanny … Continue reading


Recently it was announced that Uncanny X-Men would end with issue #544 in November, due to the events of Schism.  Today we learn the aftermath of Schism will be known as X-Men: Regenesis which will launch the long running title into two books.  The first title of course is Uncanny X-Men #1 which will focus on Scott’s … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Hope on Pope

Generation Hope 8 features Teon peeing on the justice system! JUSTICE LIKE A WATERFALL!!! Anyways, the gang helps their resident primal-type character deal with charges levied against him and I don’t see how this could be anything but another great entry to the Generation Hope series. Kieron Gillen always brings innovative new twists to this … Continue reading

Uncanny X-Men – Schismed to the DEATH!

Ok, I woke  up and was like…”internet internet internet.” And the internet was all, “Rueben, Uncanny X-Men is ending have a great day”. And I made one of those faces like, “WhHHHHHAAAaaaAAAT???”. It’s true ladies and gents, Uncanny X-Men will be ending with 544 [how odd] and truly the worst thing is that Greg Land did … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Arrows Are Greener

Green Arrow 12 is (of course) my most anticipated title of the week! And not just because I always love to read about my favorite character but because this is going to be JT Krul’s first legitimately self-inspired take on the title. Well, mostly, he has to deal with the aftermath of Brightest Day (Galahad, … Continue reading

While My Wallet Gently Weeps

Action Comics 900 has a huge order to fill, wrapping up Reign of Doomsday & the Luthor storyline in one 96-page mega-issue while paying homage to the Man of Steel and the villain…people-named-Lex. Age of X: Universe 2 is almost a What If? with the reveal from the previous chapters of Age of X but … Continue reading